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Greetings from Seattle Grace (1/1)

Title: Greetings from Seattle Grace (1/1)
Author: shorttracked
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Callie soon-to-be not Mrs. O’Malley has moved to New York to start a life with her unborn child’s father. She receives an unusual video tape in the mail and this story is about what unfolds.
Pairings: George/Izzie, Callie/Mark, George/Callie (past)
Author's Note: I do have my chapter story in progress but I have had this one-shot in a file for a bit and finally finished it. It is short and possibly the most unique Grey’s Anatomy fic you will ever read. I felt a need to try something different and this baby came out.

A package addressed to Callie O’Malley arrived at her new address in New York. She’d left a few months ago when she’d found out she was pregnant and it wasn’t her husbands. She’d left a ‘Dear John’ letter requesting a divorce for both of their sanity. She could recognize the sprawling handwriting anywhere. She was a little surprised to see a video tape in the package. She didn’t have the faintest clue what it could be. The signed divorce papers were in it but the tape was unexpected. She grabbed a bite to eat from the kitchen before taking it to the living room and putting it into the player.

Nothing could have prepared her for what began to play…

The camera was moving down the familiar hallway of the Grey House. It passed room by room until it entered a room she knew distinctly as Izzie’s. She was standing there in a towel and she quickly turned to put a hand at the camera.

“Turn that thing off,” she told him trying to cut it off.

George’s familiar laughter could be heard but since he was recording he wasn’t seen. “I’m making a movie for the soon-to- be ex, don’t you want to tell her hello?”

A hint of amusement formed on Izzie’s face and she held the bright pink towel tighter to her small form. “Oh well I might have a thing or two to say to her,” she said moving to sit on the end of her bed. George obviously moved for a better angle before she began to speak. “George was way too good for you. I don’t think good riddance can really suffice but it may have to. I hope you’re having a great life in New York with McSleazy and your currently incubating Satan spawn..”

Callie was so offended that she thought about turning this off. She wasn’t sure what the original intention of this was supposed to be but George sending an insulting video was hardly something she ever imagined he’d do. She knew he’d taken the split hard but this was bordering on ridiculous. Being pregnant didn’t help though. She wanted to throttle the blonde’s neck. Hormones were a bitch.

She thought there might be more so she clicked the fast forward button. Maybe there would be something worthwhile on this thing. Addison might have said something positive. She was floored when it didn’t go to other people at all. She let it go to regular speed again.

George set the camera down on a dresser and he leaned to cut the video off. He didn’t though. It kept right on recording. That was just like George to not know how to operate video equipment. He moved to sit at the edge of Izzie’s bed with her. He was fully dressed.

“We’ve got the video equipment. Wanna make a movie?” he asked teasingly.

They always had teasing moments like that. Izzie played right into it though making a pat at his knee.

“We’ll see about that. Chicken or brave?”


The hand moved up touching his pant covered thigh.

They both looked sheepish.

“Chicken or brave?”

They were both were trying not to laugh now. George especially as he said “Brave” again.
Izzie totally groped him on the last one but for a second. She moved the hand away just as quickly as she placed it.

George goes red.

“That isn’t smart. You’re half-naked and I haven’t fed the monster since Callie left and you’re definitely not my sister,” he got out.

“I’m definitely not your sister. I’ve gone longer than you though. Alex before Denny died was the last feeding here,” she commented.

Callie wasn’t so certain that she wanted to watch anymore of this but it was like a train wreck. She couldn’t look away. She damned her pride and curiosity. She should throw this thing in the fireplace and let it be the end of it but she couldn’t. She kept watching. This was not going there. It couldn’t be going there. Right?

“You win,” George offered with a sigh and a move to get up off the bed.

Izzie reached a hand to grab at his arm and stop him. George turned just in time to catch the slip of the pink towel. He turned his face to try to avert his eyes all too quickly.

She used her hand to touch his cheek and leaned up to meet his lips. It was a peck at first something tentative and fleeting that left him groaning slightly when she pulled away.

A finger pressed against his lips and a quiet, “I’m claiming my prize for winning.”

He let out a nervous laugh before leaning back in using a hand to push her back against the bed, moving on top of her.

The sound of keys being dropped near the door and the movement meant Mark was home. Oh god. Callie immediately began to search for the controls to flip this off but she could barely reach over her belly.

“Honey- I’m home!” he said jokingly as he entered the room.

He tilted his head in amusement as he saw what was on the screen. Callie thought she might just die of embarrassment over being caught watching this. She didn’t even know why she was watching this.

“—Pause and let me go pop some popcorn. I don’t want to miss a second of this.”

Callie rolls her eyes and Mark decides very quickly to keep his mouth shut before she takes any future parental rights or prospective sex away from him.

George moves to push Izzie’s arms above her head and she can’t. His mouth is attached to hers kissing her in such a manner that it looks as if all oxygen may begin to fail them at any moment. When the kiss does break, they both are breathing heavier.

He pushes back the pink completely letting it fall beneath her leaning up to feast his eyes on the very naked Izzie that it had been hiding. One look in her eyes and he moves back to her lips unable to stop himself. His hands begin to explore her body as she begins to work on removing his clothing. It’s all fast but it’s not unromantic. There is certainly something there.

“I need this,” he tells her, brushing his fingers against her thigh tentatively and his other hand moving along his length. It isn’t long before he’s settling between her legs, hard erection pressing into her center. They both moan in response and with a telling move she brushes against him. George loses any will power that he might have had in the instant and penetrates.

He’s everywhere inside her; she feels all of him. His hips press against hers and he lowers himself onto her body. They begin to move as together as if they were made for each other.

Her nails are tearing into his shoulders but he doesn’t care. The cries coming out of her lips are hardly those of pain. He silences her with more kisses though. Anywhere he can touch his mouth, he touches. George O’Malley looks like he’s on a high.

The encounter isn’t the longest. It doesn’t take long for her to reach her end. He follows shortly after collapsing with her in a sweaty heap of George and Izzie.

Callie sat there is horror. She’d watched this. She’d really watched this. She’d watched George and Izzie get it on. She’d watched them get it on. Mark had watched them get it on with her. She needed to have her memory erased now. She felt fits of old jealousy pouring into her system. She’d left him though. She didn’t really have a right to jealousy.

There was more though.

George curled up with Izzie under the blankets on her bed, snuggling comfortably. They’re quiet and looking at each other for a few moments. George looks like he might easily slip into sleep.

Izzie breaks the silence though.

”George – I have a confession to make,” she told him quietly. The camera almost didn’t pick up what she was saying.

“You can tell me anything, Iz.”

“I’ve wanted to do this since…before you married Callie.”

He kisses her forehead and the tape goes to white noise.

Mark was the one to fast-forward to see if there was more. He was more than a little excited to see the action but the mush at the end wasn’t his type of ‘movie’.

“So what sort of response do you send to that?” Callie asked him trying to make herself forget what she’d just watched. She wanted to forget the insult to injury bits. She wanted to forget it all. There had to of been a very, very big mistake sending that.

“I guess we’ll just have to get creative.”

And that was precisely what Callie was afraid of when it came to Mark Sloan.
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